Courtesy Flush A flush in the middle of the toilet-sitting process in order to reduce the aroma…usually performed on a “foreign throne” as a courtesy to the owner of said throne… in other words, to be polite and not stink up the host’s crapper too much. By peafarter on Urban Dictionary Ever heard of the words “Courtesy Flush”? If…Continue Reading “Wanted: Courtesy Flush”

So as mentioned in my previous blog entry (as if you read that), my cousin will be getting married this month. We met up with him and his beautiful bride-to-be last week and shared stories about our own wedding. The wife and I told them to expect the worst but to just laugh it off…Continue Reading “When waiters at your wedding double as photographers”

A close cousin of mine is getting married and guess who the Best Man will be? Me! I still don’t know why people put their trust in me. Still very mind-boggling. Anyway, there are only three things that make men panic out of their socks — when their girlfriend says they’re delayed, misplacing the TV…Continue Reading “What Happens When You Lose Your Wedding Ring”

I don’t like my mom. I never liked her. C’mon, who actually likes their mom?! How dare she pick that incredulous shirt and forced me to wear it for my 7th birthday party? This was the first time she didn’t try to make my older brother and I look like twins. And that’s the shirt…Continue Reading “I don’t like my Mom.”

Noong bata pa ako, sabi ng nanay ko kumain lang daw ako ng gulay parati, tatangkad daw ako. Walang nangyari. Ngayon, mataba na rin ako. Nice, Ma. Kaya narito ang mga gulay na dapat nateng iwasang mga lalake lalo na’t pag tayo ay may asawa na:   Patola Kapag wala sa mood si babae, huwag Patola….Continue Reading “Mga Gulay na Dapat Iwasan Kapag May Asawa Na”

So as husbands, we need to choose our poison. Endure bad luck or endure the wife’s wrath. If you are still reading this, then we know what you chose.   Wives and Sweeping the floor at night Wife tells you to do it. You do it. And you do it well.   Wives and Black…Continue Reading “Wives and Superstitions”

Sabi nila, pag nag-asawa ka, maraming mabubuksan na oportunidad. Kanina, naiwan ko na naman daw Bukas yung electric fan sa kwarto. Gininaw daw tuloy yung kama. Kagabi, Bukas daw yung ilaw sa garahe, wala naman daw tao. Sabi ko kawawa naman yung mga pusa. Tsaka malay ko ba’ng naiwan kong Bukas ang pinto ng kwarto….Continue Reading “Open Sesame.”

Once in a while we need to leave the house. We need space from that always empty fridge and the always squeaking front door. But driving is so overrated. Most serene places are hours away and you just don’t feel like driving. So you decide to go on a “staycation”. Yup, that pseudo-vacation you take…Continue Reading “Crimson Hotel Filinvest City Manila: Your Home Away From Home”

Asan? When we get married, everything seems to get lost. First, our manhood. I’m joking. Right, husbands, we’re joking, right? (wink, wink) Car keys. Your house keys. Your phone charger. Your favorite floral handkerchief. I mean, you know you put them somewhere, but how in the world are they not where you last saw them?!…Continue Reading “Filipino Husband Diaries: Lost and Found”