Sabi nila, pag nag-asawa ka, maraming mabubuksan na oportunidad. Kanina, naiwan ko na naman daw Bukas yung electric fan sa kwarto. Gininaw daw tuloy yung kama. Kagabi, Bukas daw yung ilaw sa garahe, wala naman daw tao. Sabi ko kawawa naman yung mga pusa. Tsaka malay ko ba’ng naiwan kong Bukas ang pinto ng kwarto….Continue Reading “Open Sesame.”

Once in a while we need to leave the house. We need space from that always empty fridge and the always squeaking front door. But driving is so overrated. Most serene places are hours away and you just don’t feel like driving. So you decide to go on a “staycation”. Yup, that pseudo-vacation you take…Continue Reading “Crimson Hotel Filinvest City Manila: Your Home Away From Home”

Asan? When we get married, everything seems to get lost. First, our manhood. I’m joking. Right, husbands, we’re joking, right? (wink, wink) Car keys. Your house keys. Your phone charger. Your favorite floral handkerchief. I mean, you know you put them somewhere, but how in the world are they not where you last saw them?!…Continue Reading “Filipino Husband Diaries: Lost and Found”

“When I fight with you, I’m really fighting for us. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t bother.” Such a dramatic line. If you’re after drama, then stop reading, haha. The quote is from an “anonymous” husband. Probably afraid to reveal his identity. We don’t blame him. So yeah, fighting in marriages is normal (duh). But…Continue Reading “And that’s how the fight started…”

“Each great athlete must some day bow down to that perennial old champion, Father Time, even as I, for Time eventually wins.” – Major Taylor   You don’t know when it happens. But when it does, you’ll definitely know it. Suddenly, we are not that fast anymore. You mysteriously catch your breath like never before…Continue Reading “Father Time Sucks.”

Of course when we bike, we don’t necessarily just ride in our own villages or in the confines of our own garage, right? If yes, then shame on you! I’m kidding. When I bought my bike a little over a year ago, the most obvious choice for my first ride was of course inside our…Continue Reading “Tips When Biking in Not So Safe Places”

It was around 25 years ago. I suddenly found myself inside this private space. It felt familiar but strange at the same time. It was then that it dawned on me. Hey, I can do anything here without anyone seeing! So I tried several things in the coming days. I read the newspaper. Put on…Continue Reading “Men and Toilets”

Get it? Since one of the main characters in the popular teen Netflix drama “13 Reasons Why” was named Clay? No? Okay, forget about it. Anyway, the Golden State Warriors guard/forward’s shooting woes has been evident and much more documented lately since the NBA Finals has now started. So here are some of our takes…Continue Reading “13 Reasons Why Klay Thompson is Struggling”

There is always something new to write about every time I get home from biking. I like biking. You know why? Well, aside from biking being a good excuse to wear cycling shorts (I’m kidding), it also is a good time for reflection. It is a requirement to be as observant as possible especially when…Continue Reading “The Renaissance Men: The Rise of the House Husbands”